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The Digital Mathematics Archive is a digital collection of mathematical sources, with a primary focus on documents from the late 19th century through today. Papers, letters, manuscripts, e-mail messages, Usenet-news postings, computer rendered images and computations, program source code... many of today's source documents are much more ephemeral than the documents of the previous century. This archive will allow some of this material to be preserved and will give it as wide a distribution as possible.

The World Soundscape Project    Barry Truax, Simon Fraser University

The World Soundscape Project (WSP) was established as an educational and research group by R. Murray Schafer at Simon Fraser University during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It grew out of Schafer's initial attempt to draw attention to the sonic environment through a course in noise pollution, as well as from his personal distaste for the more raucous aspects of Vancouver's rapidly changing soundscape. This work resulted in two small educational booklets, The New Soundscape and The Book of Noise, plus a compendium of Canadian noise bylaws. However, the negative approach that noise pollution inevitably fosters suggested that a more positive approach had to be found, the first attempt being an extended essay by Schafer (in 1973) called 'The Music of the Environment,' in which he describes examples of acoustic design, good and bad, drawing largely on examples from literature.

Arts and Culture

TangoBC -- The Argentine Tango in Vancouver and Beyond. ``The Dance of Memory and Lust, a ``pleasure that tastes so much of longing and grief.'' Photos, the local scene, instructors, links to the world of Tango.

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