Criteria for Co-location of information services on UBC SunSITE:
  • Interest
  • Originality
  • Depth
  • Quality
  • "Coolness"
  • Public, not just academic interest
  • Well-defined focus
  • Local/Regional relevance
  • Non-commercial focus
  • Ability to "wear" well
  • Satisfactory standing re: legal/copyright questions
Organizational criteria:

Must have their own human resources to contribute to project - we supply only the computational/network resources, consulting, use of equipment/facilities (e.g. scanners, digital photography and editing, video capture)

Should have sufficient public profile, or potential for public profile, to be a "draw" and to be valuable as a political ally, e.g. for obtaining university and government (regional/provincial/federal) funding.

Ideally would (eventually) be able to contribute to infrastructure and personnel costs for Site.

The policy at UBC SunSITE:

The Sun SITE Project at UBC is the primary site in a network of information services provided by key universities around the world. Sun SITE operates as a library, a publishing house, a distribution center and a technology showcase. The materials available on Sun SITE represent a diverse community of information providers who obtain space on Sun SITE only after meeting the following criteria:

Do the materials further the teaching, research, or public service mission of UBC?

Does the collection use technology in innovative and unique ways? Every collection need not be innovative, but it should use up-to-date technology.

Does the collection add synergetic value to other SunSITE collections? Does it complement or contradict other collections of music, agriculture, politics, religion, software, etc? An answer of NO to this question should not necessarily disqualify a collection; we may want to begin a new collection area.

Is all of the material copyright clear and otherwise legal? Exceptions for "fair use" may apply.

Can and will the keepers of the collection operate in a self-sufficient manner or provide requisite support funding? Exceptions can be made for especially important collections.

Is the collection non-commercial or operated by a not-for-profit organization or individual?

Are the materials of national or international interest? Individual pages are permitted for those who are contributing to other broader collections, but parochial materials should be kept on the campus web server.