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Solaris for PC's and Desktops

Welcome to the SolarisTM for PC's and Desktops program from Sun. This program offers educators, students, and researchers free Solaris for just the cost of media, shipping and handling (~US$16 to $35).

Non-education users go here please

Personal Copy Campus License
Eligible Users Are: Individual education users can get easy and affordable access to the Solaris operating environment to pursue their professional, technical, and creative development interests.

Developers and enthusiasts have a separate program.

Eligible Licensees Are: Universities, colleges, schools, non-profit research organizations, can license Solaris for campus-wide use to support a variety of teaching, research, and other non-mission-critical development efforts.
Click on the icon below to order your free license (+cost of media & shipping) for the latest Solaris operating environment. Click on the icon below to register your institution for a Solaris non-commercial use campus license.
Help is on hand when you need it: please just ask me

Solaris -- Powerful and easy to use.

Whether you use a PC or a SPARC workstation, Solaris is powerful and easy to use. Sun workstation users will enjoy upgraded features that Solaris 7 has to offer and the screaming Java applications. PC users will notice a considerable increase in reliability (many months, not hours, between re-boots), enjoy the convenience of running multiple operating systems, the flexibility of Java programming, and the performance of the multi-threaded Solaris operating environment.

Solaris Developer Connection.

All users who order Solaris through the Solaris for PC's and Desktops program automatically become Solaris Developer Connection members when they register. Join a growing community of Solaris developers and enthusiasts with instant access to:

  • Sun software downloads
  • Cool demos
  • Online chats and forums
  • Helpful tips and guidelines
  • Solaris self-help
  • Feature articles/upcoming events

Program Contacts:

    Contact Us for Sun Developer Connection and ordering problems

Education Contact:

Last updated on: October 27, 1998

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