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Solaris for PC's and Desktops

Solaris Education Site License Registration

If you are a faculty member, or represent a college, university, school, or research organization, and intend to use Solaris on an campus-wide or faculty-wide basis, you may obtain a site/campus license.

The information you supply Sun will grant your institution full entitlement to an unlimited campus license for Solaris. You may register by clicking on the graphic below.

This table gives guidance on what the campus license means to you
Where can I view the License Terms?
You can view the license terms using thislink.
Do the license terms modify ScholarPAC agreements?
The rights conveyed by this site license are additional and do not replace those found in the Sun ScholarPAC agreement.
What about multi-user and servers?
For the avoidance of doubt, there are no limitations in the site license that prevents using Solaris as an individual or multi-user system, including use as a webserver, fileserver, etc. providing it is not considered commerical use (defined above).
Do I still need to pay for support?
You will still want to consider support for learning critical systems, such as teaching labs, open access labs, servers etc. But if Solaris is used to run a home system, on a student's laptop, on a test bed, or on systems administration labs, etc you probably will not want or need support for this usage.
Where do I get media copies from?
Media copies for Solaris 7 for this program are currently only available through the Solaris for PCs and Desktops program, these are intended for individual purchase and cannot be supplied through purchase orders nor in bulk.
Can I provide licenses to students?
The site license does not permit re-distribution rights. Therefore, until Sun releases a program extension that includes a license for distribution, site licensees are not permitted to supply copies of Solaris to students or other non-institutional uses. Students and others that wish to use Solaris on their own systems, should register under the Solaris for PCs and Desktops program.
What can I use the site license for?
By accepting the license terms and registering your license with Sun entitles your institution to make wider use of the Solaris copies that you already have, or may purchase. You can deploy any release of Solaris on SPARC and Intel (PC) systems without paying an additional fee (subject to the restrictions in your support agreements), provided such use is not considered commercial use. Examples of commercial uses are: systems that are covered by administration engineers that are on extended shifts, the system runs software that includes payroll and similar business systems, where the hardware includes failsafe/failover or hot standby servers, or service contracts cover hardware for greater than 10 hours per day,

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Last updated on: October 27, 1998

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