How to use this map

To use this map, select "Information" mode in the control panel on the right. Move the cursor over locations to display their names. Different classes of locations will highlight in different colors. Select a location by clicking on it with the mouse. The selected location will be highlighted and information about the location will be displayed.

Some locations have an associated URL for a WWW server. You can view the site's Web pages by clicking the button labeled "Show URL".

You can zoom in or out of the map by using the buttons at the bottom of the Map display panel. Once you have zoomed in, you can scroll the map by dragging the map inside the map panel with the mouse (hold the mouse button down while moving the mouse).

Choose the "Search" function from the Control panel to find locations by name. The map will display partial matches and ignores case in comparing search strings. For example, you can find Cafeterias, Payphones, Public Attractions, Gardens, Libraries, Departments, Roads, etc. A list of all matching locations will be presented. You may select any location from this list by double clicking. The corresponding location on the map will be highlighted. The "Show info" button at the bottom of the Search control panel will display detailed information about the location.

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