Getting to UBC by Car

Taking a car is wasteful of time and resources and the most environmentally harmful way of commuting to UBC. Consider the following alternatives:

If you must take a car

Please be aware of the following information: parking at UBC is scare and expensive. There is virtually no on-street parking allowed on campus, and parking is restricted in areas adjacent to the campus. Illegally parked cars may be towed and impounded.

Much of the central part of UBC Campus is a pedestrian-only zone.

There are three routes to UBC by car:

Chancellor Boulevard: Fourth Avenue West turns into Chancellor Boulevard at Blanca Street. Chancellor Blvd joins Northwest Marine drive near East Mall; Northwest Marine Drive circles the perimeter of U.B.C. and becomes Southwest Marine Drive.

University Boulevard: Tenth Avenue West turns into University Boulevard at Blanca. University Blvd was converted into one bicycle lane plus one lane for cars in each direction in September 1999.

Southwest Marine Drive: 41st Avenue West joins Southwest Marine Drive near Crown Street, which (roughly speaking) marks the east boundary of Pacific Spirit Park between 41st Ave. and 16th Ave. Driving away from UBC Campus, Southwest Marine Drive slopes southeast, intersecting Granville Street at 70th Avenue.

From the Vancouver International Airport, follow the signs to downtown Vancouver. These will take you over the Arthur Laing bridge, and onto Granville Street, heading North. Turn left at 70th Avenue, which becomes Southwest Marine drive. This will take you to UBC Campus.

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