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The Solar eclipse sequence on our splash page was captured by Rajiv Gupta, a faculty member of the UBC Mathematics Department. Many of Dr. Gupta's astronomical photos have been published in Astronomical publications. The animation is achieved by using Herb Jellinek's Animator applet.

The images of the chinese characters on our splash page were digitized from video shot by Djun Kim. The characters appear on carvings outside of UBC's C.K. Choi building, housing the Institute of Asian Research at UBC. The character shown means ``wisdom''.

This image is a proof of Pythagoras' theorem - a detail from a digitized image of a 9th Century Greek Manuscript of Euclid's Elements from the Vatican Exhibit at SunSITE @ UNC.

Yet another proof of Pythagoras' theorem. This comes from the title pages of a most remarkable book. The image was digitized by Bill Casselman.

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