Search Engines

Search.Com., from CNET

Excite derives summaries of pages based on dominant themes

Infoseek offers free personal news services

AltaVista indexes over 31 million pages

Lycos, named after Lycosidae, ground spiders that catch their prey by pursuit

MetaCrawler searches many engines simultaneously

HotBot exploits parallel processing

WebCrawler has a new look

Shareware.Com, find shareware fast and easy

Research-lt! is perfect for researching in many different fields

Xplore connects you to 500 of the "best" Web sites

Filez - freeware, shareware, and commercial software

Switchboard is a people and business directory includes telephone directories for U.S.and foreign listings

BigBook indexes businesses

We can't leave out Yahoo

Let K-12 students safely use Yahooligans