More Java

Jim's Java Joint, from the creator of JavaTime - More Java

All About the Java Platform

Java Land, a whimsical look at Java

Java Woman, Marjolein's Java links

Personal reviews of Java tools

Digital Espresso, a weekly summary of news

Javology, an "eZine" of Java news

JavaWorld, an IDG publication

Sun Server, a registration-required tabloid

Austin Java Klatch, a Texas user group

Java Message Base Central

The Java Weekly, a zine for"newbies"

JavaNews, a unique news service

Java Programming Books at calSur Internet

The 100% Pure Java CookBook in HTML, PostScript or PDF

Club Java, with a gateway to newsgroups

TeamJava HQ, helps consultants find work

Java Centre, lists UK seminars

ACM's guide to Java events

Discussion forums on Java and IBM

Netscape's Java page for Navigator

HotJava Browser, can be downloaded for free

Dippy Bird, with WinHelp documentation

IBM Resource for Java developers

AppleJava, from Apple Computer

Java training on CD-ROM

Java validation and verification test suites

Intel's Java Media Framework

Rethinking CS101, an MIT project

MacJava, looks back at the "early days"

Languages for the Java Virtual

Java Cyber Club France, in French

Corel Office for Java, a 100% Java productivity suite