Start Here...

EdLiNC's Guide to the telecommunications "E-Rate" for schools and libraries

Hundreds of education-specific links, with some gems not found elsewhere

This links page from ten-year-old BJ was started to help with his homework

Homeschool Resources on the Web, highly recommended

THOR, The Virtual Reference Desk

Education World has a HUGE education-oriented search engine

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

EPICENTER provides descriptions of educational software

WWW Workbook, a hands-on primer

Kidz WebRing, gateway to 400+ kidcreated sites, with more added weekly

Planet Innovation, good for administrators new to the Net

Educational software-related sites

Library and Information Science resources

``Structures'' includes network-based lesson plans and ideas, an oft-cited reference

KIDLINK, E-mail Pal Projects worldwide

Busy Teacher's K-12 Web Site

Edscape, Simon and Schuster's K-12 Education Network

Kids Web Digital Library, a "must-see" for teachers

The Dinosauria: dispelling dinosaur myths

Yuckiest Site on the Internet: Bug World, Worm World and more

Beginners Central, an excellent site for the rookie surfer

Mighty Media, empowers youth and teachers through interactive technology

StudyOnline!, a free online tutor that uses a Java flashcard player