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Solution Finder

Here is a tool to find the solutions of an equation f(x) = 0. Enter the function in the window and click plot to graph the function. You may look for solutions by clicking on the graph. This begins Newton's method with the x coordinate of the click serving as the initial value. If the tolerance is left empty, it defaults to 1e-10.

The syntax for the input is essentially copied from Maple. The following examples are illustrative:

There are a few more options as well: you may zoom in on a region by holding the Control key and clicking on the graph. Conversely, you may zoom out by holding the Shift key and clicking. Where you click becomes the new center of the graph. You may translate the graph by holding down the Alt key and dragging the mouse around the graphing area.

If something goes wrong, please Email me at david (at) merganser (dot) math (dot) gvsu (dot) edu with a description of what you did and what happened.

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