CopyCat is a captivating new 3D game designed and developed by Jim Morey. The game revolves around replicating a picture created by several patterned faces of a solid object (like a cube). This may sound easy to some, but it can turn out to be quite tricky. So to do well at the game, the player must first become familiar with the object.

CopyCat is rich with variety. There are many different pictures that can be created with the patterned faces of just one object...and there are many different objects that can be used. For a more subtle variation, the way the player manipulates the object can also be changed. All of these possibilities unite to make CopyCat the most challenging game your mouse will ever experience.

If you are scratching your head, take a look at the game. Otherwise you can see how to play.

To have your own copy of CopyCat download this archive.
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