Djun Maximilian Kim

4042 11th Avenue West,
Vancouver, B.C.
V6R 2L3
Telephone: 604-839-3586


To work as part of a team developing innovative, high-quality software for a well-managed, agile company.


  • Java (1.1x and 2.x)
  • ANSI C
  • C++
  • Perl, TCL/Tk, CGI scripts, and Unix shell scripts.
  • Java servlets
  • Good understanding of Object-oriented modeling and design, design patterns, UML
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), SQL database programming (mSQL, mySQL servers)
  • Java Beans
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  • Unix/Solaris programming
  • RCS, make, lint, gdb, emacs, lex, yacc
  • Document production and processing using HTML, XML, DOM, TeX, LaTeX
  • Mathematical programming and visualization using Mathematica and Maple


  • B. Sc. (Honours) Computer Science & Mathematics; completed 5 /1988 ; The University of British Columbia.
  • M. Sc. Mathematics; completed 9 /1990 ; The University of British Columbia.
  • Ph. D. Mathematics; completed 5 /1999 ; The University of British Columbia. Thesis: Braids, Orderings, and Algorithms. Advisor: Dr. Dale Rolfsen

Work Experience:

Web Programmer, SunSITE project at U.B.C.
(9 /1997 - 8 /1999 )
  • Job Description: Designed and developed the UBC SunSITE (http://SunSITE.UBC.CA); developed web content related to the communication of mathematics, in particular, wrote numerous Java applets and servlets as well as Perl CGI scripts; promoted third-party projects for UBC SunSITE.
System and Network Administrator, UBC Math Department
(8 /1993 - 4 /1996 )
  • Job Description: Set up and administered a network of 160 Unix, Macintosh and DOS/Windows/NT computers, X-terminals and Java Terminals; Developed and maintained technical software for mathematical computation. Set up and maintained services such as DNS, NFS, NIS, NIS+, Apache web-server, FTP; evaluated and mitigated network and system security risks.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned experience, I've taught numerous 1st and 2nd year university courses for the Mathematics and Computer Science Departments at UBC.
  • Self-employed for several years as a computer consultant.


  • Nominated for Canada NSERC ``Doctoral Dissertation Prize'' and Canadian Mathematical Society Doctoral Prize by UBC Mathematics department.
  • Awarded a $135,000 grant from Sun Microsystems, Inc., to establish the 8th North American ``SunSITE'' Internet site at UBC, supporting (among other things) the UBC Mathematics ``Calculus Online'' project. (
  • Awarded $30,000 Sun workstation for entry in Internet/Web agent category, ``Java Cup International'' Programming Contest. (http://SunSITE.UBC.CA/UBCMap/)
  • Runner-up, UBC Computer Science ``Incredible Instructor'' award. (Based on student evaluations.)

Professional Interests:

  • Design of high-quality implementations of sophisticated algorithms from domains drawing upon ``pure'' mathematics (e.g. graphics, visualization, computational geometry, cryptography, signal processing)
  • Interfaces and algorithms for ``deep'' understanding of complex, abstract, geometric, multiple-independently-sourced or simply ``large'' collections of information.
  • Human interfaces for computers.

Other Interests:

  • I have excellent written and oral communication skills and strong presentation skills. I am fluent in German (spoken and written). I have basic conversational knowledge of French; and have done technical translation from French into English.
  • I have US and German citizenship and Permanent Resident status in Canada. I've lived for several years in England, Germany, Italy and the United States.
  • I have been actively involved with the UBC Math Club, and the Computing and Teaching Assistant Skills Committees of the UBC Math Department. I have been teaching Instructional Skills Workshops for graduate students through the Faculty Development Project at UBC for over six years. (
  • I enjoy reading literature, and listening to music. I play guitar and piano. I'm interested in the visual arts, and linguistics. I'm a competitive ballroom dancer and serve on the board of directors for the British Columbia Amateur DanceSport Association.

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