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The work of Robert Langlands

Mathematical physics

The Dirac monopole and induced representations

First published in the Pacific Journal of Mathematics 126 (1987).

An essay on the dynamics and statistics of critical field theories (published here with the permission of the Canadian Mathematical Society)

Algebro-geometric aspects of the Bethe equations (written with Yvan Saint-Aubin)

Aspects combinatoires des équations de Bethe (written with Yvan Saint-Aubin)

Langlands' comments:

    There are two papers on the Bethe Ansatz, but the work is far from complete. I have always wanted to return not only to the algebraic geometrical arguments initiated in the second paper, which seem to me of considerable intrinsic mathematical interest as algebraic geometry, but also to the notion of Wellenkomplex and the Puiseux expansions introduced briefly at the end of the first paper. So far, I have not found the time.

Universality and conformal invariance for the Ising model in domains with boundary (written with Marc André Lewis and Yvan Saint-Aubin) This first appeared in J. Stat. Physics 98, Nos. 1/2, pp. 131--244, 2000.

The renormalization fixed point as a mathematical object This paper will appear in 2003 or 2004 in a collection of papers on mathematical physics published by World Scientific Publishers. Many of the papers arose from lectures delivered at one of the Workshops on Geometric Methods in Physics held annually in Bielowieza, Poland.